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1. What can I do about weeds on my shoreline?

Contact the Inland Lake District.

2. I have an idea for the lake, what do I do?

Come to our monthly meeting or send something in writing to be brought up at our next meeting or call one of the board members and ask them to bring it up at the next meeting.


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1. What do you do with the money you raise?

We have several projects going most times. First off, fish stocking in Fox Lake. Donate to Annual Fireworks and Concerts In The Park. Sometimes we donate toward events held in the City which are attended by Fox Lake Property Owners. We've donated items at Fox Lake Town Park such as the Band Shelter, Handicap Accessible Fishing Pier, Picnic Tables and Grills. We keep a fund for Carp Removal that will be donated to the FLILPRD for that purpose. Each year we take Special Friends from the Bethesda Home in Fox Lake and ARC of Beaver Dam, up to 60 participants, out on the lake in pontoon boats for fishing/riding and a luncheon is served along with tee shirts and polaroid pictures for all to take home. All suggestions are welcome, come to our next meeting!