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Fish Stocking on Fox Lake

Fox Lake continues to claim its reputation as an excellent fishing lake. That’s good news! 

The Spring Northern stocking was completed Thursday April 10 by 11:00 a.m. Fifteen men & women assisted. The cost for 600 northerns was $4000.00  We received 150 to 200 FREE fish for a total stocking of 750 to 800 Northern. If you are a fisherman, please join FLPO. Your membership dues assist the Fox Lake fish stocking program.

Fox Lake 2013 Electrofishing Summary Report

To promote the recreational use of Fox Lake for fishing, the Fox Lake Preservation Organization and the DNR have continued to commit themselves to an extensive fish-stocking program.

2014 Fish Stocking Report:
          The committee met with the  DNR. This will be our 4th of 5 years for stocking Musky.  In compliance with the motion from the Board, FLPO will purchase 150 Musky @ $10.25 ea. = $1537.50.  Also, 5,000 Perch @ $0.85 = $4225; 600 Northern @ $6.75 = $4050; and 300 Walleye @ $1.65 = $495.  It should be noted that all costs are estimates.  Anyone who would like to help with the fish stocking in late September or early October please contact Lou Leizinger at (920) 928-2567.
If you fish, please join FLPO.

Fishing Gallery

Ricky Morgan, his son Preston and friend Jeff and lots of fish, big and small!