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The Fox Lake Preservation Organization is an all-volunteer group…no one is paid for their services. That means that 100% of their funds can be used to benefit our lake and community. The main source of income is membership dues and personal donations, profits from outings, business donations and advertising in their newsletter.

Donations to the community in 2013

Fish Stocking   $6,200

Fireworks         $3,500

Friends of the Lake Outing   $259

Concerts in the Park    $250

December to Remember   $250


FLPO Successful Fish Stocking
To promote the recreational use of Fox Lake for fishing, the DNR and our FLPO organization have continued to commit to an extensive fish-stocking program. Fox Lake continues to claim its reputation as an excellent fishing lake.

The FLPO invested $6,200 in Fox Lake fish stocking in 2013 to supplement the DNR stocking.

All donations are welcome, you may make a donation for a specific purpose....or a general donation which will be used for items as listed above.

"Friends of the Lake" outing is held yearly with fishing or a two-and-one-half hour boat ride to enjoy the sites. A picnic lunch follows, prepared by FLPO volunteers. The Dodge County ARC (Advocating Rights of Citizens with Disabilities) recognized the FLPO with a plaque and a standing ovation at their annual meeting.