Love Your Lake Tips

As you ready for Fall, be kind to our lake                              

Take the Fox Lake Clean Water Pledge. NO fertilizers or pesticides on your lawns! The chemicals run off into the lake, causing increased pollution and algae growth.   


Leave your mowed grass clippings on the lawn as a natural fertilizer.

Leaves can either be removed and taken to the town hall or used in garden beds as mulch. DON’T put them in the lake as they, like the fertilizers, provide nitrogen and phosphorus, making the algae even worse.

Control your water runoff. Put in rain gardens or grass swales to capture and filter the water before it enters the lake.

It’s fall migration season- give birds a helping hand. Turn off outside lights at night (many birds fly at night and get disoriented by the lights), avoid pesticide use (birds need those insects for food) and keep cats indoors – ALWAYS!Cats kill an estimated 2.6 billion birds each year.

Each individual property owner CAN make a difference! Because we are the “last line of defense” - right along the water’s edge- the effect of these small efforts are magnified by our proximity to the lake. These simple tips can make a big improvement on our lake.