Love Your Lake Tips

Love Your Lake Tips

Fall 2018
Please "Love Your Lake" as you do your Fall chores. 

It’s fall clean up time. That means raking leaves, caring for the lawn, trimming trees and clearing out the gardens. As you do your fall clean up, we ask that you do your best to care for the lake.

How can we do those tasks while still caring for our lake? Here’s how:

NO fertilizers or pesticides on your lawns! They will only end up in the lake, fueling the lake weeds and algae growth that is already out of control. It is best to leave your grass clippings from mowing on the lawn as a natural fertilizer.

Leaves can either be removed and taken to the town hall or used in garden beds as mulch. DON’T put them in the lake as they, like the fertilizers, provide nitrogen and phosphorus, making the algae even worse.

Put in rain gardens and lakeshore buffer gardens to reduce and filter water runoff before it enters the lake. The FLPO is engaging in another Wisconsin DNR grant to assist in this endeavor. The grant pays for 75% of the costs of installing those gardens, so homeowners are only responsible for $250 for each garden installed. These gardens are invaluable in reducing water runoff and nutrients entering our lake.  Because we are the “last line of defense” - right along the water’s edge- the effect of these small efforts are magnified by our proximity to the lake. Meaning- our small efforts to stem the flow of water and nutrient runoff are HUGE!! For more information about these grants, please contact FLPO.