Carp picture

FLPO Carp Reduction Program 2021

I’m writing to announce a new FLPO program to reduce invasive carp in Fox Lake.  In 1966, the lake was significantly drawn down to remove carp; then in 1998 a partial lowering was conducted for the same purpose.  Many years have passed without addressing the growing carp population.

Web links below are included which will help you learn about these invasive carp.  Carp reproduction is amazing where a 12-pound female may produce up to 1 million eggs and 80% will hatch!  Large populations of carp affect water quality, water clarity, aquatic habitat and negatively affect sport fish populations.  When they spawn, they destroy the beds of other fish and will eat their eggs. Carp also increase phosphorus, nitrogen and ammonia in the water due to their bottom foraging activities and excretion and increase water turbidity.  We have spoken with DNR officials and they are supportive of our reduction efforts.

On the night of Saturday June 19th, a number of carp boats will be on Fox Lake from 8:00pm until approx. 2:30am.  Boats will have many bright lights that enable them to visualize the carp.  Arrows will be used to take the fish.  ONLY carp will be targeted.  The boats will unload the carp at Town Park where they will be placed in a dump truck and taken to a farm near Cambria where they will be buried in pits.  Recently these boats have been taking an average of 100 carp weighing an average 20 pounds per night!  That example yields 2,000 pounds per boat!

The FLPO will be paying the fishermen 50 cents per fish and awarding a prize for the largest carp and for the most fish per boat.  Anyone interested in volunteering at the Town Park should please contact me.  We will be providing additional educational materials soon and report back after the event.  This can make a difference!!  As always, thank you for supporting our efforts for healthy soil and water!


Charlie Nelson FLPO President