FLPO/DNR Healthy Lake Grant

THERE IS STILL ROOM...Apply for the FLPO/Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Healthy Lake Grant for 2019 – 2021
In its commitment to “preserve and improve Fox Lake…its surroundings, water quality, fishery…and aesthetic values”, the FLPO is applying for its second DNR Healthy Lakes grant. The DNR Healthy Lakes initiative provides state funds to individual lakeshore property owners for shoreline restoration, habitat reclamation, runoff and erosion control projects.
An overview: On behalf of our lakeshore property owners, your FLPO is seeking WDNR financial assistance to fund the installation of individual “best practices” projects, including:

Shoreline native plantings (shoreline & habitat restoration, and runoff control project),      

Upland raingardens (habitat reclamation & runoff control project), and         

Off-shore fish sticks (shoreline & habitat restoration, and fishery enhancement project).      

Individual grant applicants (property owners) will receive up to $1,000.00 of cost-sharing grant money (a 75% state & 25% participant match) to install either a shoreline native plantings garden, or raingarden or fish sticks project.
Applicants may apply for two individual “best practices” projects (same property).
Applicants will complete a commitment form (a non-binding agreement) as a confirmation of intent to participate.
All Healthy Lakes grants remain in effect for two years and can easily accommodate the funding of and installation of 20 individual grant projects.
For further information or to apply for an individual grant: Please contact today John Lorenty, FLPO Board member, by email: JBL652817@gmail.com
All individual grant applications must be completed by November 2018. The FLPO encourages you to apply NOW!